Book Presentation and Reading: Casa de Doloros by Mary Mason

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April 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Rainbow Cafe
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Book Presentation and Reading: Casa de Doloros by Mary Mason @ Rainbow Cafe

Casa de Doloros is Mary Mason Martin’s hilariously irreverent debut novel, seasoned with a touch of magical realism to flavor the cultural pot. Set in a fictitious town in Costa Rica, a cast of expat characters live in a cluster of run-down apartments called Casa de Doloros. The buxom Doloros has had myriad husbands of various nationalities, all of whom have added to the construction and upkeep of her modest empire. Her current love is a Venezuelan who she has followed into the revolution in his homeland. She leaves her business in the hands of some of the occupants, but while she’s away, another coup percolates at home. Mary’s wry sense of humor permeates her take on life among spirits and people who have reinvented themselves in a foreign land.

Mary Martin Mason was born under a nomadic star, leading her to cross many borders before retiring in Costa Rica. She resides in a mountain town where she delights in each day unfolding with a variety of adventures and misadventures.

Casa de Doloros pays homage to her host country that wryly welcomes other ex-pats like herself. The characters and plot include a host of personalities who live abroad at a time of life when most persons are embracing security.

She is the author of The Miracle Seekers, Designing Rituals in Adoption, and Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers’ Stories.