Book Presentation and Reading: Falling Water by David Mohrmann

March 6, 2018 @ 11:30 pm – March 7, 2018 @ 12:30 am
Rainbow Cafe
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David Mohrmann’s second book is entitled Falling Water.  It is a collection of Stories for Travelers.

This is no memoir, or travelogue, but literary fiction: stories based on experiences in The United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile (Easter Island), Thailand, Laos, and India.

“I am interested in that point when tourism becomes traveling,” he says.  “It happens when circumstances we cannot predict, and would usually avoid, undoes our plans and causes us to face the unknown.  Traveling is about change.  It insists that we stay open to the world, and open means vulnerable.”

Like the travelers in these stories, readers will find surprises along the way. There are also sacred monkeys, sacrificial goats, wild dogs, and wolves.  There are gypsies and gangsters; ancient ruins and temples; a soul cave, a holy mountain, and the threat of vengeful gods.

“But for every curse,” Mohrmann says, “there is a blessing.  For every pinch of fear, a hand of hope.  From beginning to end—for me, and hopefully for readers—this is a voyage of the mind in search of heart and spirit.”

 David Mohrmann lives in Arcata, California, much of the time in his own backyard, where he also does a lot of traveling.  His first novel (XOCOMIL…The Winds of Atitlán) was published in 2016. It tells the stories of poor Guatemalan Indians, the innerworkings of their lives, and their struggles to overcome various forms of oppression.